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Most of the business people are willing to use the exclusive resources and professional approaches for the development as well as introduction of any new product on the market.

They understand ever-increasing competition and inherently risky venture of launching the new product. You may think about how to reduce the risks related to the new product launches.

You can focus on the forecast sales by product based on the year-one sales within the marketing research sector and make a good decision.

Forecasting of the new product or service is really a complex thing. However, forecasting new consumer packaged goods is easy and realistic.

How do you forecast sales by product?

It is the best suitable time to use the year-one sales forecast for all new consumer packaged goods.

You must understand the objective to predict year-one depletions. If you have the best stuff to predict the usual volume of goods consumer buy in the retail stores, then you can be smart and successful in your approach for forecasting new product sales.

Remember that depletions exclude all the new products on trucks, in warehouses, in factory or in the distribution system of the retailer.

Sales associated with the new products will be based on the retail prices rather than selling prices of manufacturers.

Historical review is the first approach for the new product sales forecasting in the successful way. You can make use of the histories of the companies in your niche introduced similar products into the same market and get an overview about the future outcomes of your product.

These historical guidelines help you to derive a forecast of the new product sales. There are certain limitations associated with this historical approach.

Do not forget that only history is not always an excellent predictor of the future.

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The test market is a method of forecasting new product success. You can develop and introduce the new product into different test markets.

You can use the data regarding the actual store sales and the market shares from retailers, IRI or Nielsen.

You will make an informed decision about the demand forecasting for new products and be eager to use this method again.

This real-world experiment includes all variables for successfully forecast the new products. Before-after retail simulation is a leading method of forecasting used by smart marketers and business people.

A sample of target audience and consumers play the vital role in this method of forecasting.