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Importance of weather forecasting to farmers in Asia

Agriculture production in Asia depends on so many things such as weather, water, season and raw materials.

The weather mainly influences in the growth, development and also yields of a crop. The weather also affects the incidence of pests and diseases associated with plants, fertilizer requirements, water needs and other things.

Soil erosion and physical damage to crops are due to the weather aberrations. It is the right time to know the importance of weather forecasting to farmers in Asia and make a well-informed decision to engage in the agriculture activities.

Weather factors associated with the climate show spatial variations in a particular area at a particular time.

Farmers must consider weather over short time periods and make certain year to year fluctuations in their region over the particular interval for cropping purpose.

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There are so many benefits of weather forecasting to Asian farmers in recent times. On the other hand, Asian farmers have to spend enough time to understand the weather forecasting basics and its benefits in detail.

They can clarify their doubts regarding the weather related issues and make a well-informed decision for their agriculture activities.

They must keep in mind that occurrences of unpredictable weather are beyond the human control. They can mitigate or adapt to the effects of undesirable weather when they had a forecast of the expected weather in time.

Though farmers in rural areas are aware of some weather issues and know the proverbs abound in give some thumb rules regarding the anticipation of weather and timing of agricultural activities in their local regions, they are willing to get the weather forecast news and make an informed decision.

Get an array of benefits from weather forecasting facilities

Regular updates of the weather forecasts for Asian agriculture play the important role behind 100% satisfaction of every farmer.

If you are a farmer in Asia and keen to know the weather situations in your region in advance, then you can make contact with one of the most reliable weather forecast centers.

This is advisable to adopt crop-cultural practices for minimizing the efforts associated with the mid-seasonal hazardous weather phenomena as per the latest intimation of the occurrences.

Asian farmers can do something favourable for their crops when they get up-to-date news about the weather forecasts.

For example, they can prevent the frost related effects when they resort to irrigation or lighting up some trash fires.