Major difference between a meteorologist and a weather forecaster

Actually, the meteorologist and weather forecaster is a dual kind of atmospheric scientists who study the weather patterns as well as their effects on humans and the atmosphere.

A major difference between a meteorologist and a weather forecaster are related to time prospects. Here, the meteorologists are mainly focused on short term weather status, while the weather forecasters are more concerned about long term climatic status.

More in recent times, the problem of global warming has become a basis of divergence between the meteorologists and climatologists.


The major difference between meteorologist vs weather forecaster lies in the time views that they fetch to the study of weather and climate as well.

The meteorologists are often produced the forecasts that are proposed to forecast the weather conditions within a short span of time and more frequently a possibility no longer than seven to ten days.

weather forecaster

Meanwhile, the weather forecasters utilize a long term viewpoint investigating and developing models, which are specially made to foresee changes in the weather patterns in the few months and also years to come.

Moreover, the meteorologist will also foresee, whether it will rain in the next day or two days, but the weather forecaster will foresee, whether the climate patterns will result in more rainfall on normal in the years to come.

Responsibilities of meteorologists and weathermen

Based on their own education and position responsibilities, the daily duties of a meteorologist and a weatherman can seem fairly same.

The key different between forecaster vs meteorologist roles is the work environment. The meteorologists can usually work in offices as well as research environments, while they gather and investigate the weather information.

However, the forecaster reports weather conditions, forecasts and alerts on live television. The weatherman might also have a background as a meteorologist, but it is always needed.

Whether working in an office or in a TV station, both weathermen and meteorologists can work to inform and educate the public on weather condition.


Therefore, the meteorologists study on weather and weather patterns; whereas the weather forecasters give predictions of what the weather will be in the future.

Even the forecasters are always meteorologists, but not all meteorologists work as forecasters.

They may be featured as on-air individuals at work for government agencies, television stations or function as a part of the military and also in the research as well as academic settings with graduate degrees.